Terra Tremens - fanfare

Terra Tremens - fanfare

The Ilperveld stretches between the villages of Landsmeer and Den Ilp and the Noordhollandsch Kanaal at Ilpendam and Watergang. It is a vast brackish peat meadow area, with countless ditches and canals, reed beaks and the special vibrating peat (terra tremens).

From the side, the Ilperveld looks like an unspoiled polder land. The intro of this composition consisting of nature sounds expresses the tranquility that prevails in this vast area. The bass drum and tam tam contribute to this atmosphere of peace and deep meditation. Once you enter the Ilperveld, interesting details come to light.

The boat disturbs the water surface with small ripple-like waves. These flow towards the ditch side, where waving canes grow. Behind the reed strips there are tight, green grasslands on which godwits and oystercatchers roam. The cymbals con arco (arranged in the middle) and the glissandi of the solo trombone symbolize the rustling of the reeds and the long grass.

Further along are the wet marsh areas as well as the vibrating peat, loosely packed and water-saturated peat that 'vibrates' as a result of agitation. The aquaphone sounds like imitation of the expanding vibrations and waves.

A large part of this vibrating peat is affected by acidification, pollution, fragmentation and eutrophication. This vibrating peat has a great international significance and the Netherlands has a large share of the European responsibility for conservation. The uncertainty about the future and the preservation of the vibrating peat is contained in the grim atmosphere and tension that the composer creates with the spring drum.

The middle part is very energetic and cheerful. It is characterized by numerous accent shifts and infinite melodies. These seamlessly flowing melodies give the panoramic view of the landscape, as if there is no end to this beautiful nature.

The work ends in the same atmosphere as the intro. An imitation of the vibrations, including with the vibraphone con arco, and again the atmosphere of deep rest, the stillness of the landscape and meditation. Also there are hopeful cinematic chords and an intimate alto sax solo. Nature again has free rein in the cultural-historical peat meadow landscape "Het Ilperveld".

This work was commissioned by fanfare band Den Ilp for their participation in the first division at the World Music Competition 2017 in Kerkrade (Netherlands).

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    15 minutes

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