Promise of Life - fanfare

Promise of Life - fanfare

Promise of Life 'was commissioned by Fanfare de Maasgalm Elsloo, an association that does not shy away from the musical experiment. The fanfare in 2008 had a world premiere by being the first fanfare ever to line up a pop festival. 


'Promise of Life', which premiered on July 14, 2013 was written especially for her participation in the WMC. This swirling and moving composition is built on one main theme (108-129) that is transformed, disassembled and developed throughout the entire composition. The main theme is sweet, calm and with loving warm sounds orchestrated as a lullaby (Lullaby) Opposite are 2 very contrasting musical cells (7-10 & 11-12) that mainly contain chromatic movements. This symbolizes doubt, fear, uncertainty and unrest. This combination of the loving main theme and the unpredictable rhythmic cells lead the listener to an explosion of technical passages and surprising colors that are increasingly driven to a grand apotheosis where especially a positive life force and beauty is expressed and in which elements of both the main theme and the restless technical cells complement each other.

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