Upcoming clinics:

  • 22 February 2020: workshop band conducting, Peer (B)

  • 1 September 2020:  start band conducting GA voor kunst , Genk (B)

Music of Kevin Houben available on Spotify

Live recordings of Luna 1, Excerpts Symphony I, Solitudine I, Promise of Live and Luna 2, played by chamber orchestra La Passione (conductor: Kevin Houben).

Listen here

Recording Lux Futura 

Recording of Lux Futura, played by the Koninklijke Militaire Kapel Johan Willem Friso (conductor: Tijmen Botma).

Worldpremiere Ray of Light

February 1st premiered Ray of Light, commissioned by Koninklijke Harmonie De Bergengalm (conductor: Kris Aerts).

For the occasion with guest conductor Kevin Houben.

25 - 26 October 2019 , Brassband Championships The Netherlands

4th, 3rd & 2nd section, jury:

Sheona White (UK), Patrik Randefalk (NO) and Kevin Houben (B)

​Concert tour Limburg Vrie (Nl) - LFO

22 September, 20u15, Munttheater Weert (premiere)

29 February 2020, 20u, Sint-Janskerk Vrijthof Maastricht

1 March 2020, 20u15, Theater Maaspoort Venlo


Music of Kevin Houben


​Kevin Houben wins 2nd composition contest WASBE

Lux Futura was chosen as winning piece in the 3th category during the finalists concert in Buñol (ES)


Lux Futura, windband grade 6


 Los Angeles Conducting Institute at Caltech


With the venerable H. Robert Reynolds as lead teacher and

Dr. Glenn Price, who did both an amazing job of organizing this inaugural workshop.



Kevin Houben was winner of the full scholarship for an overseas student, offered bij WASBE.

 Le temps perdu 


 info & tickets www.isabellebeernaert.com

Exclusive performance in Carré Amsterdam (Nl) 28 May 2019, with live symphonic orchestra ‘ La Passione ‘ ... conducted by Kevin Houben.

Arrangements and music of Kevin Houben.

​Brass Lanaken meets Kevin Houben

 18 May 2019 (Lanaken, B) workshop conducting, 13u-17u


 19 May Play-in, 9u - 16u

 World premiere of Lux Futura (windband)


May 11 2019, 20u, New Church Delft (Nl)

Delftse Meesters, gala concert.

Flicorno D´Oro 12th-14th April 2019



Hardy Mertens (NL)

Kevin Houben (B) - Leonardo Laserra Ingrosso (IT) - Maurizio Managò (IT) - Walter Rescheneder (AT) - Isabelle Ruf-Weber (CH) - Geir Ulseth (NO)


 Kon. Harmonie Peer  wins VLOH 2019 (national championship)


On Sunday, March 17, the Koninklijke Harmonie Peer (conductor Kevin Houben) won VLOH 2019 with a score of 93,5%. They will defend  the Belgian tricolor during the European Championship for Wind Orchestras - ECWO in 2020 in France.

Own choice piece: Where Angels Fly (Kevin Houben)

 Belgian premiere of Where Angels Fly (windband)


After a great premiere at the EBBC 2017 in Ostend by 12 European top brass bands, and premiered for wind band on the 21st July at the certamen de Valencia by Banda de Musica Municipal de Silleda, conductor Rafael Agulló Albors.


On Sunday, March 17, the Koninklijke Harmonie Peer (conductor Kevin Houben) will take care of the Belgian premiere !

 About Reynard the Fox


for wind band, grade 4



 Premiere of Symfonie 9 excerpt finale (Beethoven)


Wind band and mixed choir.

Premiere at 10 November 2018, with Harmonie Sint-Genoveva Oplinter.



 Launch of Fernando, music academy

Play-inn 24 November 2018,  conducted by Kevin Houben.

Rehearsal and concert at 19u: Adams Music, Lummen.

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 Premiere of Le temps perdu 


New story ... Soon in theaters ... info & tickets www.isabellebeernaert.com

Exclusive premiere in Carré Amsterdam 20 October 2018, with live symphonic orchestra ‘ La Passione ‘ ... conducted by Kevin Houben.

Arrangements and music of Kevin Houben.

 Premiere of Musica


New composition for mixed choir.

Premiere at 20 October 2018, with ´Groot Pelts Fusiekoor´ ... conducted by Kevin Houben.

Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Klankenbos, 13u

 Now available Into Your Eyes


A beautiful choral for wind band, grade 3. Soon available for fanfare.


 Worldpremiere of Where Angels Fly ,Valencia (ES), July 21th


After a great premiere at the EBBC 2017 in Ostend by 12 European top brass bands, it will be premiered for wind band on the 21st July at the certamen de Valencia by Banda de Musica Municipal de Silleda, conductor Rafael Agulló Albors.

2018 National Brass Band Championship New Zealand

The 138th National Brass Band Championships is being held in Blenheim from 11 to 15 July 2018. Events will be held at the ASB Theatre Marlborough.

Where Angels Fly will be played as own choice piece on July 14

2019 International Trombone Association

Solo and Ensemble Competitions Repertoire

Application Deadline: December 10, 2018

More information ...

Emory Remington Trombone Choir Competition (8 or more trombonists)

Kevin Houben - Bonelab

Performance by the winner will be held during the International Trombone Festival at Ball State University, Muncie Indiana.

 Worldpremiere of El toro amoroso , Reus (ES), July 5th


worldpremiere of El Toro Amoroso dedicated to and premièred by the Children of Band Pare Manyanet de Reus (Spain).

July 5, 2018 - 20u - Teatre Bartrina, Reus

 Worldpremiere of Song for Lucia , Torrent (ES)


worldpremiere of Song for Lucia dedicated to and premièred by Lucia.

 French premiere of Symphony n° I, Paris


21 June, 21u, Eglise Saint-Christophe-de-Javel

23 June, 21u, Eglise Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire

24 June, 16u, Eglise, Saint-Denys-du-saint-Sacrement

 Release of the second portrait CD, 17 May 2018













North American  Brass Band Championships -  6-7 April 2018


Lake of the Moon has been choosen as test piece for the 3th section.


Abaddon  will be played as own choice piece (1st section).

Yamaha Australian National Band Championships - 30 March 2018


Darebin City Brass - Northern Brass plays Thyelenne as own choice piece (Open brass - B grade).

Symphonic conducting masterclass - March19-24 / 2018


Kevin Houben is selected for the International Conducting Masterclass in Czech Republic with an incredible program. Final concert on 24th March.

L. BEETHOVEN 9th Symphony / F. MENDELSSOHN - Symphony No. 4 A major Op. 90 "Italian"
A. BORODIN - Polovtsian Dances / N. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Scheherazade Suite

Music for Kids - March 18, 2018


The Royal Concert Band of Peer (conductor Kevin Houben) takes you on an enchanting journey and introduces you to the splendor of the wind instruments. Completely tailored to the kids. This experience spectacle is beautiful to see and to listen to. You will lack ears and eyes. After the performance, the children can climb the stage themselves and test the instruments.


March 18 - 14u - BICC, Peer                             

Culture Award, city of Peer - March 11, 2018


Kevin Houben received the Culture Award of the city of Peer for his first symphony.


One year ago, on Saturday, March 11th 2017, his Symphony No.1 - commissioned by the city of Peer -  made its world premiere with the National Orchestra of Belgium.

Read more ...

 VLOF, March 11, 2018


The Koninklijke Stadsfanfaren Izegem will defend their championship title at the biennial Vlamo Open Fanfare Championship (VLOF) with Lucifer.

On March 11, 2018 Vlamo organizes the Vlamo Open Fanfair Championship (VLOF) at CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg. The championship starts at 13.30.                       

 125 year fanfare St-Jozefsgilde Mol-Sluis- March 3-4, 2018


Arcana, Kevin Houbens first awarded composition commissioned by the Fanfare St-Jozefsgilde Mol-Sluis, could not   be missed on their jubileum concert. It is a celebration of the fanfare and the strength and energy of everyone involved in it. From 2000 until 2015 Kevin was also conductor of the band.

In 2003, he won the ‘Sabam’ and the public’s prize at the ‘2ième Concours International de composition pour orchestre à vents de Comines-Warneton’ for this work. With this same composition, he won the ‘3rd European Composer’s Competition 2006 European Brass Band Association’ in Belfast (Northern Ireland) in April 2006.


PLAY4 2018 - February 2-4 / 2018


In just 3 days, 100 musicians will be able to complete a full concert program under the guidance of 6 conductors! One of them is Kevin Houben. A dazzling mix of pop, film and classical music and two surprising soloists. The proceeds of this PLAY4 are donated in favor of vzw Kukua Pamoja

Composer´s talk with Kevin Houben: February 2, 16u, VTI Brugge

Concert: February 4, 17u, VTI Brugge


Tickets: www.play4.be

Listening evening Kevin Houben - City Symphony - December 13

Composer Kevin Houben received a compositional assignment for the creation of a city symphony in the context of the celebration of the lustrum 'Peer650' in 2017. The eminent National Orchestra of Belgium performed this creation in March 2017. The City Symphony became a magical and lasting ode to the City of Peer and its inhabitants.

You will hear the recordings that were made during the performance of the City Symphony. You also  get a look in Kevin's head. Where did he get his inspiration? How did he process Peer's history in his work? Listen and enjoy this evening.


December 13 - 20u30 - BICC ´t Poorthuys              Read more      

November 25th 2017, Tilburg, premiere


Song of Hope* - Kevin Houben / What a Beautiful Name - Hillsong Worship / It takes a lot to know a man - Damien Rice / Poems of the atoms - Armand Amar (Retrospective) / Black Gold - Armand Amar (Human) / The sound of silence - Nouela (cover Simon & Garfunkel) / Damn in China - Amar (human) / ..........     


‘She had a gypsy soul and a warrior spirit. She made no apologies for her wild heart. She left normal and regular to explore the outskirts of magical and extraordinary.’
(Michele Rose Gilman)        


*Read more


Belgian Brass Band Championship - 25/26 November

BrassBand Heist (conductor Bert Van Thienen) -  champion division

own choice piece  Where Angels Fly

Notes and Beats - November 18 2017


The Royal Concert Band of Peer (conductor Kevin Houben) was founded in 1849 and is one of the oldest and largest amateur music associations of Belgium.


Despite their age, they are always searching for new challenges. Therefore, they extended the sound of wind music with electronics and called it Notes and Beats.


Together with Muze they give you a fresh musical breeze you have never heard before.


November 18 - 21u30 - Sporthal De Deuster, Peer              www.notesandbeats.be                  

November 10-11/2017 , Swedish Brassband Festival

Elite & 1st section, jury:

Kevin Houben - Erik Janssen - Steve Legge - Arfon Owen

24th September, St-Trudo church Peer

Song of Hope,  carillon, worldpremiere by  Jan Verheyen.

15 September 2017, premiere Lucifer

by the Royal Symphonic band of the Belgian Airforce.

Terra Tremens  (premiere)

23th July, 1st division fanfare, Fanfare De eendracht, 92,25%

Lucifer (premiere)

15th July, concert division fanfare, Kon. Stadsfanfaren Izegem, 90,8%


15th July, 3th division wind band, Banda Vaguense, 85,17%


15th July, 3th division fanfare, Koninklijk Fanfare Korps West-Frisia, 80,17%


15th July, 1st division fanfare, CMV Concordia Oldebroek, 90,5%

8th July, Lower brass festival, Rangsit University (Bangkok,Thailand)


Asian premiere by Robert Richardson on baritone

8th July , WMC World Championship Brass Bands

2th - 3th division, jury:

Kevin Houben

Hannes Buchegger

Ray Farr

28th June, Academia Torrent (Spain)

The legend of a big friendly giant,

Kevin Houben,



premiered by  Banda Symfónica Unió Musical de Torrent (conductor Frank De Vuyst) and Steven Mead on euphonium.

Procession to Calvary , Kevin Houben

13/5/2017, choice piece, seccio segona

Agrupacio Artistico Musical Santa Barbara (Piles),  conductor David Pont


2th place

Primer Premio, 345,5 points

6th May, Opening Cartoon Festival Peer 650

Song of Hope, Kevin Houben, premiered by  Cedric Honings.

4th European Youth Brass Band Competition,

jury premier section, 30/4/17:

Kevin Houben

David Thornton

EBBC      15u    28th April 2017    Delvauxzaal, Kursaal Oostende Composer´s Talk Kevin Houben



Let the music speak for itself ! - interview with Kevin Houben

Celebrating Belgium´s band heritage - British bandsman

Test piece review Where Angels fly - 4barsrest

EBBC , 28th April 2017

premiere Where Angels Fly

Commissioned for the 2017 European Brass Band Championships by Vlamo, the Flemish Association for Music Bands and Musicians, Where Angels Fly is inscribed 'In loving memory of Jesse Lefebvre (02/06/2007 - 24/02/2015)'. It is a very technical and powerful, with a rather fragile and soft introduction'. The main theme of the work is derived from ‘La Prière’ (Le Retour aux Pays) by the 'Father of Belgian wind music' Paul Gilson (1865 - 1942). The ‘La Prière’ chorale is heard just once at the close of Where Angels Fly, orchestrated as a grand tutti. As a respectful nod to his teacher Jan Van der Roost, Kevin Houben has used elements of La Prière as accompaniment textures, mirroring a feature of Jan Van der Roost's From Ancient Times, which was the set test in 2009, when the EBBC was last held in Oostende.

All performances of Where Angels Fly are now available ! Enjoy listening the superb performances of the bands. 

Flicorno d´Oro  , 7-9th April 2017


own choice pieces:

  • Cry of the falcon (2nd category)

    • Corpo Bandistico "Dino Fantoni" - 2nd place

  • Atropos (3th category)

    • Musikkapelle "La Lira" Issime - 5th place

It was a magical and inspiring meeting with the artist Louis De Cordier. This energitic and passionate artist discovered the Lost Labyrinth in Hawara! For me, my career boomed especially when I used this story for my composition the Lost Labyrinth in 2008.


Lithuania, 30/3 - 1/4/2017, Composer in residence


The Symphonic Windband of the Lithuanian Armed Forces with guest conductor Kevin Houben, playing The lost labyrinth, Call of the clans and Lake of the moon.            


Jury member in the XVII´th Lithuanian Wind Band Championship, with test pieces, all of Kevin Houben: section A : March of the Marmots / section B : Broken Sword  /  section C : Lake of the Moon  / section D : Codon

Meeting-seminar with composer  Kevin Houben.

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