At the Lemmens Institute in Leuven ( LUCA, school of arts), Kevin Houben attained a first prize in trumpet (with Leon Pétré) and pedagogy. He also obtained a masters in concert band conducting (with Jan Van der Roost), symphonic band conducting (with Edmond Saveniers), composition and orchestration (with Jan Van der Roost), chamber music, pedagogy and counterpoint (with Jan Hadermann) and solfège.

​GA voor kunst  -  arts education Genk

Course concert band conducting with Kevin Houben.

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​Workshop band conducting with Kevin Houben and Mario Bürki

 22 February 2020 (Peer)


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13-16th November 2019

​Workshop band conducting with Kevin Houben

22 September 2019 (Proven)

10u - 16u30 : open repetitie - theorie - praktijk met live orkest

​Workshop band conducting with Kevin Houben

 18 May 2019 (Lanaken)


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​Workshop band conducting with Kevin Houben

2 February 2019 (Lummen)

Because of the overwhelming succes: extra edition for all levels on 6th of April 2019.

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2th - 6th July 2018, Music Summer Camp, Spain

26th edition

Conductor Kevin Houben

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​Introduction to Symphony n° I


You will hear the recordings that were made during the premiere of Symphony n° I. You also  get a look in Kevin's head. Where did he get his inspiration? How did he process Peer's history in his work?

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​Workshop band conducting with Kevin Houben

28 April 2018 (Lummen)

27-28 December 2017 - Valencia

7th meeting with Kevin Houben

Dogon - Exaltation - Broken Sword - Orbis

3th - 8th July 2017, Music Summer Camp, Spain

25th edition

Conductor Kevin Houben

Torrent, Spain

11th May 2017, Thomas More, Turnhout

Innovative network event


  • 19u45-20u15: Bart De Waele

  • 20u15-20u45: Kevin Houben

  • 21u00-21u30: Michael Portzky

  • 21u30-22u00: Marc Herremans

Lithuania, 30/3 - 2/4/17, Composer in Residence

           Seminar with Kevin Houben

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